This strategy was developed by perhaps the most notorious up and coming player. Known by some as Bryce, Levitahn, Gimmick, or whatever else, this player pushes the games to its outer limits. Bryce uses the meta against players.

Under the current meta, players trust "honor." Honor duels imply that a hacker must hack in a 2 man node. Nothing in the rules says that a player cannot bluff an "honor duel." This is what Bryce does. As a hacker, bluffing the honor duel will ensure victory, and the agent inside will think that a hacker is an agent because of nothing other than honor.

This strategy is controversial, but effective. Until something is added to the terms of service, it is one of the most effective strategies for a hacker to use.

Along with this strategy, Bryce utilizes other various strategies, such as pretending to be a noob and other anti meta strats.

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