In MINDNIGHT, there are two roles: Hackers and Agents. As an Agent, try to figure out the identities of the hackers and succeed repairing 3 nodes. As a hacker, you must deceive the Agents and hack at least 3 nodes.

Note: these strategies apply to 5 player games, also, if you want to add to this guide then go ahead!

Agent Strategies

- If you are not selected to be in a node team and the node team has 3 players, you know that if you are an agent, so there has to be at least 1 hacker in the node team. Refuse no matter what.

- If the first node is hacked and you are in it, do not yell out "x is the hacker!" This statement will make players think you framed that player.

- Always check vote history to see any players with abnormal voting patterns.

Hacker Strategies

- For inexperienced players, never hack nodes with 2 players in them, you will be considered highly suspicious.

- Try not to be in the same node as your hacker teammate, you could accidentally both hack and then everyone will know who the hackers are.

- Always refuse when outside of the node team, doing otherwise will make people suggest your teammate is inside the node.

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