The wikipedia about a hit social deduction game called Mindnight. Mindnight is a game where 5 to 8 players are given a hidden role from two factions.

the factions are hackers and agents

hackers wins if they compromise 3 nodes by pressing hack when sent on the mission they have the hack and secure buttons

Agents wins if they secure 3 nodes if all players press secure on the mission the node is secured they only have the secure button

special role(s)[edit | edit source]

admin(agent team) found in mainframe game mode

can see who are on the hacker team but not their actual role

it is recommended that you don't say that you are the admin if you are the admin

nuker(hacker team) found in mainframe game mode

at the end of the game if the agents have 3 nodes they can guess who the admin is if they guess correctly the hackers win instead

Scriptie(hacker team) found in mainframe game mode

a hacker who doesn't know who the other hackers are and the hackers don't know who he is either so it is a benefit for the hackers to find the scriptie by

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